Efficold ML-900 (MaxLoad 900) with RotoShelf

New Efficold MaxLoad900
First cabinet cooler tailor-made for RotoShelf ™ merchandising solution

Benefits (based on European 500 ml PET standard):

  • 6 shelves instead of 5 as normal
  • 11 extra facings (20% increase)
  • Corner cooling


  • Height: 2015 mm (79.3 in)
  • Length: 905 mm (35.6 in)
  • Depth: 732 mm (28.8 in)

RotoShelf - merchandising solution
Easy as One, Two, Three: Rotate the section 180 degrees

  • First in - first out
  • Reduced labor
  • Always fronted products
  • Patented first-in-first-out merchandising solution

The solution, applying the First in-First out principle, works through a rotating movement.

The entire interior is rotated so that the back of all shelves are available at the same time for stocking products.

The use of gravity feed shelves makes for automatic product fronting. RotoShelf is a patented solution for easy product management and improved efficiency when refilling products.

Flexible shelf configuration
Three shelf options, mixing is possible

  • Beverage 90 with fixed dividers (11 facings for 500ml PET bottles)
  • Universal 90 with flexible product dividers. Roller tracks optional (10 facings for 20oz PET bottles). This shelf can be used for juices, milk, yogurt as well as beverages
  • TopSlider neck-hanger solution (10 facings for 20oz PET bottles)

EasyFill America offers merchandising solutions for other applications (such as Multi-deck cases, Coldrooms and Ambient store shelves) as well.

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