RotoShelf™ Shelves

EasyFill America

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  • Durable injection molded with built in sliding function suitable for a wide variety of products: beverages, juices, milk, cream and other dairy products.
  • Beverage shelves come with fixed dividers.
  • Universal shelves have adjustable dividers to accommodate products of different width.
  • Hooks and metal shelf carrier for fixation (2 per shelf).
  • Avoid broken bottles with front-stopper.
  • Price and product match with the label holder.

*Each shelf is maintained and inclined thanks to 2 metal shelf carriers - except for the bottom shelf which is fixed to the base directly.


Type of divider


Max. Holding Weight

Max. Load Facings (0.5L Pet)

Beverage 90

Fixed 66 mm wide lanes

760 x 550 mm

73 kg

74 bottles 11

Universal 90


760 x 550 mm

76 kg

74 bottles 11

Universal 70

Adjustable. Groove every 6.29 mm

552 x 495 mm

40 kg

48 bottles 8