EasyFill America

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  • A unique innovation for easy refilling shelves in stores - patent pending
    • FIFO
    • Labor saving
    • Sales uplift
    • Straight front - fits basically all products placed in a multideck case
    • Easy shelf adjustment - Shelves are "Free adjustable"
      • Flexible product dividers
      • Rollers/pushers in development
    • Fits standard case sizes in Europe and are easy to adapt to other markets


    • A rotating movement combined with an "Out-and-in" motion of the shelf section when turning


    • Makes FIFO possible for almost all products placed in a case, even without a cold room behind
    • Highly suitable for:
      • Milk, dairy, juice, yogurt (even multipacks), meat, ham, cheese etc

    TurnLoader installed in a multideck case


    TurnLoader turning

    TurnLoader fill position

    TurnLoader bottom base